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  • Writer's pictureDylan Joseph Partnership with 90 Minutes Life has partnered with 90 Minutes Life. Their team is passionate about the game of soccer and they want to build the confidence and life skills of all those that play.

90 Minutes Life’s purpose is to answer the question “what if life was like a soccer match of 90 minutes?”

Available now, the fantastic FREE short story will inspire you with eleven motivational stories. This story was written for everyone with an emphasis on teenagers and young adults. This story is for all those young people that want to achieve their dream of competing at the next level in sports, school, and in life. All soccer players, parents, and coaches have challenges and we can share them to learn from each other. Sometimes, it only takes a different approach to make the lessons stick.

In the story, soccer is used as a metaphor for life to help deal with school, self-confidence, relationships, etc.

The author of this story, Eddy de Heij, is a splendid writer who paints soccer in a different light using a lifelong metaphor. This short book is available in 8 different languages to reach as many people as possible.

Therefore, click the following link for your FREE copy today:

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