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Is English Soccer Taking Over?

In 2019, there were English finals for the two major international club team awards in Europe: The Europa League and The Champions League.

In the Europa League, we saw Chelsea vs. Arsenal in a classic London derby. A derby is a game where two teams from the same city play each other. Other well-known derbies include Atlético Madrid vs. Real Madrid, AC Milan vs Inter Milan, and Manchester City vs. Manchester United.

In the Champions League final, it was the returning side of Liverpool vs the new kids on the block, Tottenham Hotspur.

So, it can be asked, why does it seem like the quality of English teams is increasing so quickly? Yep, you guessed it; it is because of money. The English Premier League has the most lucrative television rights. Because their primary language is English, the English Premier League is viewed heavily in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and India. These nations with staggering populations ensure that there is considerable money going towards the Big 6 teams of English soccer related to foreign jersey sales, sponsorships, and ad revenues:

1. Chelsea

2. Arsenal

3. Manchester United

4. Manchester City

5. Liverpool

6. Tottenham

Therefore, these teams’ increased revenues are making it feasible for them to purchase players from abroad to have almost guaranteed powerhouse teams, while big name teams from smaller markets like Ajax (Netherlands) and FC Porto (Portugal) are seemingly getting left behind.

Will this trend continue with English dominance or do you think the Spanish powerhouse clubs of Real Madrid and Barcelona will regain their position as leaders in world soccer? Personally, I think once Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona, they will not be the same as their former selves because he is irreplaceable. Similarly, Real Madrid has seen a significant drop in success because of their star, Cristiano Ronaldo, leaving for greener pastures with Juventus. The money flowing into English soccer will be hard to overcome in years to come.

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