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It's here provide you with insights to become the soccer player you have only dreamed of becoming. Use the skills provided on this website, in books, and in videos to take your abilities from a couple of goals each season to a couple of goals a game. 

Hey soccer players, parents, and coaches, I’ll help you learn exactly what skills to use in each game situation, how to score more, avoid getting nervous, and be a fast soccer player, even if you’re not a fast runner. From research done over the last 15 years, there is a pattern of how the most successful soccer players like Messi and Ronaldo use only a few skills and I want to transfer those skills to you.


I had a great job as a soccer trainer. However, it was hard to help many people working in small groups, so I became an online trainer. Through YouTube and the 14-book Understand Soccer series available on Amazon, I’ve helped 10,000s of players, coaches, and parents.

My name’s Dylan Joseph and I’m a #1 Best-Selling Author teaching you how to shoot, take a touch to have more time, space, and confidence; to get more assists, score more goals, and impact every game. I post videos on YouTube every week so hit that subscribe button to help your team dominate and build your soccer confidence.

1. The best place to start is by reading either of the two MOST POPULAR articles to begin to get some information about soccer that you may be currently missing. They are completely FREE and are provided to improve your understanding.

- Improve your understanding of the

different areas of soccer conditioning:

- Increase your knowledge with tips

to increase your number of goals:

2. Check out the Understand Soccer series books at:

These books go into greater detail than any of the articles on this website.  Reading articles about soccer can be fun, but they tend to lack the overall structure that a book can provide. Soccer players often have different styles of learning, such as through watching, listening, or reading information on soccer.  However, the best soccer players realize that combining all the different ways to learn  will get you to the top the quickest. 


3. Click FREE PRINTOUTS at the top of this screen or the FREE PDF button to the right to get high-level overviews on important topics that will ensure you are on your way to being the first player picked for every team. This is already in a printer ready format for you to take it to the field and to take your game to the top!

4. Subscribe to the Understand Soccer YouTube channel to learn visually how to do the skills.

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