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Muhammad Ahmed, Forward

Your videos helped a lot. You are good at explaining things. I took your advice and my soccer team won 8-1. I assisted 4 goals and was responsible for another 2. Thanks for the advice and it really did work!

Kim Angeles, U12 Coach

I have nothing but positive things to say about your book. I really wish I had these resources when I started coaching rec. You place things into perspective and validate a lot of feelings I’ve had about certain aspects of coaching. In addition, offer very good tips that help me structure my practices. You have been an absolute blessing this season. I appreciate all your responses and encouragement that helped us win against the 2 teams we had lost against earlier in the season!

Wes Dipboye, Center Mid

I made my club team mainly from all the help you gave me. The tip that you said would be the most important in the tryout was the exact reason the coach decided to choose me for the team. Thanks for all of your help!

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