• Dylan Joseph

Soccer Positions - Book 6, Just Released!

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Excitingly, the 6th book in the Understand Soccer Series, Soccer Positions, was just released. You might be wondering why this book matters:

1. As a soccer player, increased soccer knowledge increases confidence and performances on the field. This book can help you find the best position for your skills.

2. As a coach, this book reveals the "Big 3" formations to help you as a coach pick how you want your players to line up and covers many lesser-known positions that may be perfect roles for players on your team.

3. As a parent, being able to "talk" soccer will give you credit with your child, the coach, and the other parents on the team as well as help you learn about the fun positions that your child can play.

This book dives deep into 30 potential soccer positions on a team. Sure, there are 11 players on a team at a time, but what role each player is in varies greatly. This book covers the traditional positions, like a forward, center (box-to-box) midfielder, and the goalkeeper.

However, this book also covers many of the lesser-known positions like the wingback, false nine, and sweeper, to name a few of the many exciting positions covered.

Lastly, this book even reveals two players that are terrific examples for each position that you can mirror your game off of to be successful in that role.

Click on the image below to be taken over to Amazon.com in order to grab a copy of Soccer Positions today!

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