• Dylan Joseph

Ever Consider a Book Bundle?

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

You may be wondering what a book bundle is…

Well, a book bundle is when you take two or more books and put them together into one book. You still have all the same content they are just combined for the ease of the reader.

Authors will normally bundle books together and reduce the price of that bundle versus if you purchase each book separately. Often, authors take three books, bundle them together, and make all of them the price of only two books. This helps the reader who is getting a ton of value by having all the same information at a significantly reduced cost.

Therefore, the Understand Soccer Series just had its first bundle released. The second, third, and fourth books in the Understand Soccer Series are included in this bundle.

Those books are:

Soccer Shooting & Finishing

Soccer Dribbling & Foot Skills

Soccer Passing & Receiving

This bundle is great for anyone looking to grow their knowledge and build their skills at an inexpensive price. These books will help give the reader the abilities to score more goals, get more assists, and win more games. I care very much about you, the reader, being able to take your game to the next level, so pick up a copy of this soccer bundle today.

Click this link to grab a copy from Amazon today: Soccer Scorer Bundle (Shooting & Finishing, Dribbling & Foot Skills, Soccer Passing & Receiving). It is a insightful read for you and a great gift for someone else.

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